An Asphalt Batching Plant’s Working Process

An asphalt batching plant (асфальтобетонные заводы) is a production unit is used to produce asphalt at workable temperatures. An asphalt mixer usually processes material in batches. A batch is the quantity of material processed after loading material and up to the time it is ready for unloading.

The batching process involves loading material, screening, heating and drying and mixing. It is all set up, controlled and monitored in the control panel. Each asphalt batching plant has a maximum production capacity per hour.

Asphalt mixing plant for sale
Asphalt mixing plant

Asphalt batching goes through the following stages;

The first step is usually to load and secure aggregates in different compartments in the batching line. This can be done using a wheel loader or any other capable equipment, these devices can easily be found in China aimix Ltd.. When the process starts, the transfer of aggregates begins. Aggregates are moved to the drying drum using a series of conveyor belts. The drum is a screening component that helps to eliminate material that is too large. Here the aggregates will be heated and also be dried.

The drum possesses a burner that is used to heat and dry the specific aggregates. Consequently, after the heating and drying process is over the materials are ready for the next step. They are transferred through the drum to the other side from where they exit the drum. They are then moved to the vibrating screen which is at the top of the tower section. This is achieved in a process referred to as the counter-flow process.

The tower unit has the following components; a multi-stacked vibrator screen and a series of hot bins. Under the hot bins comes the mixing unit. Materials first go through the multiple deck screen. Here, the materials are screened and sorted according to their respective sizes. They are then placed in different compartments based on this. These storage units are what is referred to as hot bins.

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Asphalt mixing plant in China

The aggregate mix composition is set and entered into the control panel. Here you set the aggregate types and their respective quantities. Remember the aggregates have now been moved to the hot bins. The correct weight and quantities for each type of aggregate is taken from the hot bins and moved into the mixing unit. Each hot bin is fitted with weighing scales. This ensures the right amounts of aggregates are weighed. The composition has to be exact, otherwise, the quality of the mix will be poor.

As the aggregates are emptied into the mixing unit, bitumen and other necessary material is added. The duration of the mixing is set in the control system. The mixer works to ensure homogeneity in the mix. After the mixing period lapses, the asphalt mix is moved onto the storage section where it is directly loaded on trucks. You can also watch the working video of the asphalt mixing plant on this website:

Asphalt batching plant cost
Asphalt batching plant

Bitumen and filler material is usually stored in different silos. Heavy dust is trapped with the help of a dry dust collector. Dust that lighter and finer is trapped using bag filters. For the asphalt plant, bag houses provide the best option to manage pollution.

In conclusion, the asphalt batching ensures you are able to produce quality asphalt. The batching plant produces asphalt that is workable and has the correct temperature range.