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Concrete mixers, also known as cement mixer in the local dialects, is a device that combines component, such as cement, sand or gravel, with water to form concrete. The modern and standard concrete mixer uses a rotary drum to mix the ingredients. Note that some portable concrete mixers are available especially for small scale construction.

These type of portable concrete mixers(
hormigoneras portátiles ) transport the concrete to the site thus giving workers sufficient time to use the concrete before hardens off. Most of the modern concrete mixers are automated such that they load the concrete ingredients to the rotating drum and offload the concrete to the trollers carrying the concrete to the building being constructed.

Customized concrete mixers can be made for mixing concrete and transporting it to the construction site. They are often loaded with raw materials then water is added so that the mixing will be occurring while the truck on the way to the construction site. These type of trucks are suitable in sites where concrete is readily needed for the construction and mixing on the site is not appropriate.

Again a central raw material site is established to supply these materials to various sites located in different places but not far from the central raw material deport. Some concrete mixers may also be loaded with already mixed concrete but they have the rotary drum to keep the concrete in, motion to avoid it hardening before reaching the construction site.

Note concrete mixers do not go for so long distance from the location of the raw materials to the construction site. This is because the concrete starts to harden as soon as it is in the truck. Many constructors require concrete to be available in a continuous way so that no delay in construction while waiting for the concrete. Traffic jams in the road may also cause the concrete to harden which may cause inconveniences during the construction. Most concrete mixers don’t move at relatively high speed due to the weight they are carrying thus they have to be close to the construction site.

Components and makeup of concrete mixers.

The pump is a suitable means for pressure pumping the concrete to the location needed. Note some constructions may be involving use of a large amount of concrete at a relatively long distance or a tall building thus a pump becomes an efficient means.

Big Plant Of AIMIX:

The inside of the revolving blending drum is equipped with the various twisted blades which scoop the concrete and pours it continuously thus the concrete does not remain stagnant which would otherwise cause the concrete to harden. Note the direction of the rotating drum and that of the spiral blades may be opposite rotation, thus concrete is inserted deeper into the drum. In this way, the concrete remains wet due to the drum rotation while the concrete is transported to the construction site.

When the truck reaches the site the spirals are stopped and the direction of the rotating drum is reversed thus creating reaction force that in turn forces the concrete out of the drum via a flexible hose pipe or conveyor belt connected to the drum. The length of the conveyor belt may vary from ten meters and above depending on where the construction is. However, some trucks have a pumping system that uses great pressure to push the concrete out of the drum

The rotating drum is usually made of steel metal since it is very resistant to corrosion and its a very strong metal. Some modern Concrete Mixers are being manufactured with lighter materials such as fiberglass thus reducing their weight since massive weight leads them to destroy the roads.

Axles, these are fitted to the concrete mixers. Their number can vary from one truck to another but the most common are four to six. The number may also depend on the weight of the load they carry and the governing regulations. These axles are important since they distribute the weight of the load evenly to the wheels thus balancing the truck.

They also ensure that the roads are not damaged by these trucks as the heavyweight can cause damages to the roads which may be very expensive to rebuild. To facilitate maneuvering, additional axles can be raised to allow them to rise above the ground so that they do not get dirty or topple when turning around narrow corners since they widen the turning radius of the car.

The production of dry mix concrete can be done with a sizable plant. Designed for larger businesses, you can create a massive quantity of this material that can be used specifically for your business. For those that are interested in becoming a supplier, obtaining the largest one available might be in your best interest. However, the cost of these plants can be substantial. There are so many reasons for investing in dry mix concrete plants, one of which can change the landscape of your business into one that is very profitable. To obtain one of these at a low price, consider using the following strategies for obtaining one in the next few weeks.

An Overview Of Dry Mix Concrete Plants

It is so important to spend time contacting as many industrial companies as possible that sell these to clients worldwide. Larger businesses tend to have the best selection of them, some of which will produce all of this virtually automatically. From the console to the design of the entire system, you will understand why they are charging so much for the products that they offer. You may find yourself changing your business from one that uses the dry mix concrete to one that is simply a supplier. Learn more here:

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What Is The Set Up Time For One Of These Plants?

Set up time tends to be a few weeks for the larger portable concrete plant for sale. This is even with a trained company that knows how to put everything together. Once done, troubleshooting must occur to ensure that it will be functioning properly, and that your productivity levels will be at their highest. If you have done proper research, you will know that the business you have obtain this from will back their products, and will always do their best to make the best ones. The features that are offered on some of the more reliable units might be why you choose one company over another.

Features To Look For On These Concrete Plants

Some of the top features that people look for include a very high level of drying efficiency. The faster the material can be ready to use, the higher your production levels will be. Additionally, you can use different forms of fuel to power them. Although most do use diesel or electricity, you can get coal powered ones as well. They should have a state-of-the-art vibrating screen for the sand, a large bucket elevator, and should have a very simple layout so it is easy to put together.

The ready mix concrete plant that you finally invest in will be one that will produce thousands of tons of this material regularly. If constructed properly, and if you have purchase this from a company that is well-known, will know that it is going to work as advertised. Once you have gone to the testing phase, and everything is working properly, you can start to use it to produce as much dry mix concrete as you need. There are so many companies that offer these it is highly recommended that you obtain quotes until you find a reliable source for these dry mix concrete production plants.