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Do you know what is an overhead crane? Well, this is an equipment that is used for lifting and transporting heavy material in a factory, warehouse, as well as in a workshop and has both single girder and double girder types. It’s designed to travel on the rail of the building or supporting structure. There’s a crane that resembles this and is called a gantry crane. and has two supporting legs and can be used for indoor/outdoor lifting and transporting work. Our company has years of experience in designing and producing industrial devices, such as a marine winch, construction winch, overhead cranes, travel lift, steel structure, flat transfer cart, gantry crane and smart car parking system. Cranes can be grouped depending on various factors such as ton and girder.

Classification according to tons

The growth of technology and science has enabled many crane manufacturers to adopt the tonnage of overhead cranes. Cranes are now manufactured according to the tons of load they carry, such as:- the 5 ton overhead crane

Let’s briefly look at the 5 ton overhead crane


This is a light duty type of lifting equipment that can be used in different industrial sites and it’s able to meet the customer’s requirement of carrying loads up to 5-ton. It’s suitable for places requiring low lifting capacities such as warehouses, assembly line, and workshops. The crane is economical, reliable, durable, safe and has a high-performance level. Mostly used in indoor occasions.

Types of 5 ton overhead crane

These can be classified into singer girder and double girder 5 ton overhead crane

(1). 5-ton single girder overhead crane types include:

. LD Type – for common use

. LDY Type – for molten metal

. LB Type – for explosive mixtures and gas

. LDZ Type – for bulky goods/materials

. LX Type – This is an underhung crane

. HD and European types

(2). 5-ton double girder overhead crane types include:

. QD Type – used in different applications

. QZ Type – for bulky items/materials

. QC Type- it’s a magnetic crane

. YZ Type – for liquid ladle

. QB Type – for explosive and flammable materials

. NLH Type

Major components of the 5 ton overhead crane

Steel/body structure

Crane traveling mechanism

Lifting mechanism

Trolley traveling mechanism

General features of the 5 ton overhead crane

(1). It’s lightweight, made of durable materials and a long life of service

(2). Excellent design with simple structures, that is, modular design

(3). They’re equipped with a reliable safety protection

(4). High level of efficiency

(5). Stable performance and elegant appearance

(6). It’s easy to install and operate

(7).Easy to maintain and transport

Factors to consider when buying this crane

(a). Background of the supplier- Check their records and reviews from their previous clients to understand their credibility.
(b). The company’s certification and manufacturing practices- Ensure it’s ISO certified
(c). The weight lifting capacity of the crane
(d). Size, that is, both height and base area
(e). The movement mechanism of that crane
(f). Installation cost and safety
(g). Durability, maintenance cost, and operation cycle

Some other types of equipment that you should consider having in your factory, warehouse, material yard or even your workshop include:

(a). The marine winch which would be very suitable if your warehouse is located near a water body like a port. It’s mainly used on a boat, shore, a port for anchoring, fixing, mooring or towing winch.

(b). Another facility is the construction winch which can be applied in pulling/lifting loads within an industrial site, factory, warehouse, or in a mine.

(c). Also, the travel lift that is used for lifting the boat from the water, putting the boat into the water, transporting the boat on land, or for maintenance work.

If you planning on expanding your warehouse or some parts of the factory, selecting the right construction material will ensure durability of your structure. The steel structure is a kind of light material for building factory, warehouse and It makes the building process simple, fast and safe. You may also add a flat transfer cart in your factory/plant to assist in transporting steel plate or other material.
Additionally, You can expand your firm by building some structures in that area that you have set aside for parking. This would be possible if you installed a Smart car parking system which would save much land area and parking time.

There are so many different ways a double girder gantry crane can be implemented by any company in any industry. These cranes facilitate the work done in the aviation, automotive, plastics, steel, and heavy machinery industries (Gruas industriales). They are indispensable in steel facilities, power, and water treatment plants and more.

These cranes do extra work for anything over 15 tons and for spans up to 100 feet. You do not need to move your facility to do more work. Simply install the best double girder crane and let the work begin. You can even move the crane should you need to relocate. This makes investing in these cranes highly affordable and economical.

What the Leader in Model Double Girder Gantry Crane Offers
What the Leader in Model Double Girder Gantry Crane Offers

Buy a Quality Model Double Girder Crane

You cannot buy any crane available online and there are plenty of places around the world that make and sell these important pieces of equipment. Simply look for highly rated manufacturers and view their websites online to see which models or series of cranes they have which are right for your budget, your space and for your application needs.

The best models are made to all safety and manufacture standards. They stand up to daily performance even high-intensity work. They are made with special features that increase (Aumentar) the stability of the work being done. These cranes lift and move items with ease and stand above any other inferior makes of cranes sold on the market.

Motors are built to handle routine, intense lifting and are made with lubricating gear boxes. These will never overheat and will work for years without any trouble. The best model cranes have electromagnetic brakes and adjustable disc brakes to keep maintenance efforts to a minimum and performance to a maximum.

Good cranes come with electromagnetic brakes and this is one feature you should insist upon when you are shopping for the right crane for your company. A crane should be capable of operating well no less than one million times. While that may sound like an impossible number, it is not when the right cranes are working. All the components come together to glide across the double girder bridge to lift and drop heavy items where you need them.

What the Leader in Model Double Girder Gantry Crane Offers
What the Leader in Model Double Girder Gantry Crane Offers

With good quality cranes you can also have your workers easily adjust the speed. Hooks and wires are made to last and will never fray. In fact, every component of the crane is made to ensure safe operation. You will note that the best makers will paint the cranes safety yellow so that you know you are getting the best quality from a product that has been made to adhere to all safety regulations and that will keep from overheating or malfunctioning.
Gears are the main connection to each of the cranes mechanical parts. Good manufacturers make sure that they work smoothly to create a speedy operation of lifting, hoisting and moving (levantando y moviendo) or dropping loads where they need to go.

Consult with your local crane manufacturers to compare their models and find the one for your needs. Or, go to an international manufacturer’s website to review their products from their online catalogs.